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Follow-up Injection Consultation - In Clinic - 30 Minutes

This booking option is appropriate if you have previously had an injection with our specialist Gareth Tremain and are returning for a further injection/s or if you have discussed your injury/condition with Gareth and he has agreed that an injection is appropriate for your injury/condition.

Call: 03456 252 252

Appointment Information

During this appointment, our specialist Physiotherapist Gareth Tremain will perform a brief assessment and proceed with injection/s if he is satisfied it is an appropriate option. You will be required to pay an additional fee for the injection/s immediately following the appointment.

Please note: We do not recommend that cortisone injections are administered within 2 weeks of a Covid 19 or Flu vaccination, as they may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines. Cortisone injections may lower your body's immune response for a few weeks, so this needs to be considered before proceeding with an injection.

Our physiotherapist is unable to perform injections into the spine or sacroiliac joints. If you require this treatment, we are able to recommend a consultant. Please contact us and we will provide you with the details.

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