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Thera-Trainer Services in Cardiff, Bridgend & Newport

At our Specialist Rehabilitation Centre in Cardiff we have an active / passive Hand and Leg cycle. The cycle we use is the top of the range model from Medicotech - The Thera-Trainer Tigo 510. It enables individuals to exercise their arms and legs with motorised assistance or resistance, whilst sitting in the comfort of their own chair or wheelchair.

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HCPC Registered Physiotherapists

How does Thera-Trainer work?

The Thera-trainer promotes joint and muscle mobility and activity. This can be graded according to the patient's muscle tone, strength, and fitness levels, therefore providing effective exercise throughout all aspects of rehabilitation.

Thera-Trainer 1
Thera-Trainer 1

How do our physiotherapists use Thera-Trainer?

The biofeedback feature of the Thera-trainer can be programmed to assist the patient with an arm or leg weakness so that they are able to cycle in a smooth and comfortable motion. It can detect muscle spasms associated with conditions such as a stroke and adjust the speed of the assistance or pause until the spasm settles. Training parameters are displayed on a screen, and this allows the patient and therapist to visualise what the body is doing - for example, the ratio of muscle activity between the left and right leg and the number of muscle spasms during the exercise session.

The Thera-trainer is a very useful piece of technology to aid rehabilitation and maintenance of physical function in a variety of conditions including stroke, MS, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease, motor neurone disease, GBS, Cerebral palsy, orthopaedic injuries and general deconditioning due to prolonged illness.

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