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Exercise Prescription

Exercise Prescription Services in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport & Porthcawl.

Our physiotherapists will design you an individual exercise programme based on the limitations identified during your comprehensive assessment. These home exercises will compliment the hands-on treatment and rehabilitation you receive whilst at our clinics. It is essential you comply with the prescribed exercises to achieve the fastest possible improvement in your condition / injury and reduce the risk of your symptoms returning in the future.

CSP Registered Physiotherapists
HCPC Registered Physiotherapists

What is An Exercise Prescription?

Our Physiotherapists have trained for many years to be able to analyse human movement, identify any limitations and recommend appropriate exercises to help. They use this knowledge to advise you regarding the specific exercises that will compliment your treatment at our clinics.

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We do not expect you to remember all the exercises we recommend, and we do not believe in this day and age that providing you with stickman drawings and some scribbled instructions is appropriate! In order to provide you with the highest standard of service, we have teamed up with a specialist exercise software company - Exorlive. This system allows us to choose from millions of pre-recorded exercises and include them in your carefully designed programme. Your exercise programme will be sent directly to your smart phone so that you can view videos, illustrations and text descriptions at your convenience. If you prefer, we can email it to your computer or print you a hard copy.

We encourage our physiotherapists to be active on social media and share exercise videos that will help recovery from common injuries. We also include videos of our patients rehab sessions (with their permission and only if they are comfortable to do so) to inspire others on our Instagram page.

Gareth Tremain - Exercise Prescription
Exercise Prescription
Gareth Tremain

As well as having excellent hands-on treatment skills, Gareth has expert knowledge of strength and conditioning which he utilises to maximise the recovery of his patients. He attends regular courses and conferences with world renowned physiotherapists to ensure he is using the most up-to-date evidence-based practice.

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Advanced Sport Injury Rehabilitation

We have a number of physiotherapists who are experts in Advanced Sport Injury Rehabilitation. These physiotherapists have degrees in Sport & Exercise Science as well as Physiotherapy degrees. They have played sport to an elite level and worked with elite athletes from a wide variety of sports.

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Catastrophic Rehabilitation

We also have several physiotherapists who specialise in Advanced Rehabilitation of Patients with Catastrophic Orthopaedic and Neurological Injuries / Conditions. These patients may require many months / years of carefully designed rehabilitation sessions to help them achieve their potential. Our physiotherapists regularly attend conferences and courses to ensure they are using the most evidence-based rehabilitation programmes. A recent development is the use higher intensity exercise in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological conditions. The Neurofit Course was a big hit with our neurological physiotherapists and they have enjoyed putting the new ideas into practice with their patients.

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