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Treatments For Vertigo in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport & Porthcawl.

The Independent Physiotherapy Service (iPS) offers a range of specialist physio treatments for vertigo with experienced physiotherapists.

CSP Registered Physiotherapists
HCPC Registered Physiotherapists

What Physiotherapy treatments are there for vertigo?

iPS physiotherapy is one of only a very small number of physiotherapy clinics in Wales that offers expert treatments for vertigo. Conditions such as visual vertigo, labyrinthitis, BPPV, cervical vertigo and post- concussion syndrome may benefit from specialised therapy. Movement and function can be affected by these disorders as people tend to avoid movements that make them feel dizzy or off balance. This actually worsens their balance as the body's internal balance systems are not being used as often as they would be normally, leading to worsened functional balance and mobility. A vicious cycle ensues as people lose confidence in moving. Secondary problems can then develop such as stiff painful joints, muscle weakness and decreased mobility due to this more sedentary lifestyle adopted. The impact that theser disorders can have on an individual's quality of life can also contribute to emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

Liz Davies - Vertigo Physiotherapist
Liz Davies
Vertigo Physiotherapist

Our highly trained and specialist physiotherapist Liz Davies has worked in this field of physiotherapy for 8 years and regularly attends courses and conferences to ensure that her knowledge and skills are up to date with the latest research and clinical findings.

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Our exercise programme is designed to retrain and influence the inner ear balance system so an individual feels less dizzy and more stable. Evidence has shown that this kind of rehabilitation can be effective in improving symptoms related to many inner ear balance disorders.

Specialist Vertigo Physiotherapy - Initial Assessment

Time: 90 Minutes

Cost: £225

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Specialist Vertigo Physiotherapy - Standard Follow-up 30 mins

Time: 30 Minutes

Cost: £75

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Specialist Vertigo Physiotherapy - Extended Follow-up 60 mins

Time: 60 Minutes

Cost: £150

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